Pay for Success Contracts — A New Model to Develop New Therapies from Old Drugs

Pay for success model to create incentives to repurpose off-patent drugs
Eroom’s law: Pharma R&D productivity via patented drugs decreasing as costs of developing a new drug double every 9 years — the opposite of “Moore’s Law”. Source: Scannell, Jack W., et al. “Diagnosing the decline in pharmaceutical R&D efficiency.” Nature reviews Drug discovery 11.3 (2012): 191–200. Available at [Accessed 9 September 2021]
Branded drugs falling off patent cliff to join the mountain of low generic drugs with insufficient private incentives for repurposing because a monopoly price cannot be enforced — source: Kolchinsky P. (2017). America’s Social Contract with the Biopharmaceutical Industry. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 September 2021]
SIB model for impact investors to repurpose generic drugs and receive ROI from a percentage of payer (e.g. NHS) cost savings paid into the SIB — Source:


This document does not constitute a prospectus nor offer document of any sort and is not intended to constitute an offer or solicitation of any investment or other product or service in any jurisdiction. Crowd Funded Cures is an initiative of a registered NZ charity and NGO, the Medical Prize Charitable Trust (Charity No. CC49977). All donations would be used to support their mission to help establish pay for success contracts to repurpose generic drugs to treat specific indications (e.g. Covid-19). Crowd Funded Cures will partner with other NGOs, consulting firms and service providers to achieve this goal.

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Our non-profit’s mission is to use pay for success contracts to repurpose off-patent medicines