Pay for success model to create incentives to repurpose off-patent drugs

The problem — lack of private incentives to repurpose off-patent drugs

A golden opportunity is frequently being missed due to lack of financial incentives to study old inexpensive generic drugs for new indications. Imagine that you discovered that a combination of off-patent (“generic”) drugs worked to better treat pancreatic cancer…

Following on from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), governments around the world have been looking for innovative ways to make a bigger impact with their available funds and to address the paradox that investing in R&D to improve delivery of public goods and services can save taxpayer money, but that…

Crowd Funded Cures (, a New Zealand based charity, is commissioning a high-level feasibility study conducted by Guidehouse (formerly, the public consulting arm of PwC) to use financial innovation to incentivise development of Unmonopolisable Therapies and Unprofitable Therapies using Pay for Success Contracts such as Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) or…

Crowd Funded Cures

Our non-profit’s mission is to use pay for success contracts to repurpose off-patent medicines

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